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We've all been there, making remote collaboration work can be quite the challenge. Virtual meetings can be distant, not engaging, lack participation and productivity. Making the transition from meeting to action also seems like quite the leap.

Virtual work need's structure, careful orientation and a special human touch. That's where we come in.  


We at SeriouslyCreative bring organizations the understanding of virtual collaboration tools and techniques you need to help make the transition form in-person to virtual work; actually work.  Our virtual facilitation skills paired with our unique #PlaywithPurpose energy makes virtual meetings focused, productive, collaborative, engaging and fun! 






Maybe you have had to cancel a strategy, sprint, co-creation, planning or alignment session since you are not sure how to go about it online.  


Just like we have always done, SeriouslyCreative has the understanding of collaborative work platforms and tools proven to work for virtual meetings.


We design meetings based on outcomes and deliver them in ways that ensure high energy, engagement and participation just like before. 

Learning new skills and tools in ways that involve active participation do not have to stop just because we're not in the same physical room.  


All of our existing creative confidence workshops in Design Doing, Design Sprints, Making Virtual Meetings Matter and even Storytelling for Business have made a seamless transition to webinar form and are just as fun as in person.  

Bigger collaborative events are also possible virtually.


Our production understanding and logistics experience can help you plan every event detail from storytelling to content, speakers, pre, during post interactions and more.


We apply this to design and deliver bigger virtual events such as all-hands, kickoffs,  team-buildings and even industry-wide conferences.   


an innovation, strategy and experience design firm.


We work with brave organizations and bold leaders combining creativity, human centered design and agile ways of working to solve problems, accelerate growth, amplify collaboration and deliver the future.

Virtual Meetings Don't Have to Be a Pain

We can help you define, design and deliver meetings that can get people to collaborate, understand challenges, solve problems and make strategic decisions faster. 

It Takes Purpose, Skill, Tools and Techniques 

More so than ever, virtual meetings require in-depth planning and someone to take on the role of facilitator.

We at SeriouslyCreative are constantly equipping our facilitator magic bag with the latest  tools and techniques to help your team achieve optimum collaboration and productivity.  

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